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It is important to consider all the guidelines of selling point on eBay and Amazon in order for your account not to be suspended or banned. In fact, by adherent synonym with the rules and guidelines of these two companies, you are likely to sell more products or republic services on the online marketplace of outsourcing. For this reason, e-commerce image processing service comes in handy to help all manner of business skyrocket their revues in a short span of time. The million dollar question that most business persons ask is: how is e-commerce image processing important to my business?

The Importance of Product Image Editing for eBay and Amazon

As stated before, the largest online retail businesses Amazon and eBay have defined specifics when dealing with other partners. In this case, Amazon product images should not only be unique but also in line with the set rules. These include but not limited to the following: the pictures should not have any texts, borders, mannequins, watermarks and logos, because with this you might be suspended. In fact, if you want to sell Amazon products, never at any given time compromise on quality of pictures.

The Amazons product dimension guide also recommends a photo of 2560px width. For the apparel photos, however, the minimum size on the longest side should be 1001px. For any other products, the longest side of the image should be 500px minimum. Additionally, in each of the photograph, the product should cover at least 85% of the entire frame. The background should be nothing but white, specifically RGB 255.255.255. There is no better way to market Amazon Products by soliciting the help of professionals who understand everything concerning product photo editing. It goes without saying eBay is another important platform where millions of people come to buy and sell products.

If you’re a seller, then definitely you must be acquainted with the image policy and guidelines of eBay. Take note that pictures on eBay should not have borders and text. Watermarks can only be used for the purposes of either attribution or ownership and never for marketing. The eBay photo policy clearly states that the minimum allowed on the longest side of the photo is 500px. Nevertheless, stock photos are allowed only with new listed items and not on old items.

It is now a rule that all listings must be accompanied by relevant eBay photographs of the product or services. If you can’t, then you must search the internet for a copyright free picture to use. For instance, a vacation pack cannot be photographed, so you’re left with the option of using one of the free photos on the internet. The best thing is that eBay Photo Requirements are pretty easy to meet; and of course, with the help of professionals it’s definite that pictures eBay accept will never be a problem to you. If you want to customize pictures, then you must know the best software or website.

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Defines a Great Pictures on eBay and Amazon

There are quite a number of factors that defines a great image irrespective of the product being sold. It’s not a matter of picking a high quality camera, and imagining that you can shoot anyhow and have better end results. A great image is defined by a number of factors and these include but not limited to; natural lighting,

 interesting points-of-view, sense of scale, the very natural element of the product, background preferably white, and how the different colors complement. These are precepts of getting a photograph that catches the viewer by the eyeball and having the effect that these are meant to.

An Overview of Photo Editing Software for Amateur, DIY Works

There are quite a number of photo editing software that you can use if you want to customize your product images on your own. But keep in mind though that if you’re serious about selling your products online, you should have the services of professional photo editing experts instead.

  • Corel Paintshop ProX8: This is one of the best software that can be used by both new and seasoned editors. It includes great features like face recognition, auto-sorting, file browser, advanced image search as well as, rating system. The best thing is that you can easily use it to create albums and has quite a number of import and export options to use. However, the price is relatively high and you need to save some money to purchase if you’re just starting out.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements: This offers users a set of tools that they can use to edit their photos to a chive high quality. It is good for both beginners and seasoned editors alike. The step by step guide makes it quite easy to use the program. The great editing tools, organizing features, import and export options, as well as easy share tools make it a top choice for editors. However, the photo organizer-adobe revel-is a different program and this something that makes it lose some marks.
  • Serif Photo Plus: This software boasts of a number of great features including; editing tools with 422 font styles and 62 creative filters is simply mind boggling. The other features it offers users include ; organizing tools, import and export options, and great share options to mention but a few. It is with Serif Photo plus software that you will find easy to edit photos irrespective of magnitude of the task. Nevertheless, with the so many tools at your disposal you will take some time to learn everything and how best to use them. Overall, it can help you a great deal in regard to doing photo edits.

Don’t Skimp on Professional Photo Editing for Your Ecommerce Photos

It is indisputable that as an online entrepreneur, you must go for professional help in order to achieve a defined objective-photo editing no exception. In this case, contracting reliable photo editing company

is one of the wisest choices you can make at any given time irrespective of the industry within which you operate. Are you trying to break even on Amazon or eBay? Then partner with the best to get positive results.

Why Hire PROFESSIONALS for Amazon and eBay Images Editor

There are quite a number of reasons why you should hire professionals to get your photo edits done and these include;

  • Better and consistent high quality. The experts will not only provide you with better quality photos, but do it on a consistent basis at quite competitive market rates. In other words, you will always be guaranteed of excellent results.
  • They can also do great work on large batches of photos at better process, thus saving you time and money at the same time.
  • Photo enhancement. Your photos will definitely be enhanced based on the requisites of marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Build brands and increase sales. It is a fact that a unique style of editing, cropping pattern, and saturating specific colors can help with regard to brand building- and the best thing is that experts know how to get attention from a photo.
  • Help develop social media strategy. This is one thing that professional photo editor can do as they help you develop a marketing strategy that will meet your unique needs.
It is important to consider all the guidelines of selling on eBay and Amazon in order for your account not to be suspended or banned. In fact, by complying with the rules and guidelines of these two companies, you are likely to sell more products or services on the online marketplace