How to create a ghost mannequin effect


What is the ghost mannequin effect/neck joint? 

Typically, whenever you want to show your products, you need to use models. But not always live models are affordable and punctual. In that case, you will use a dummy that is much more effective and time and money-consuming. But you do not need to display the dummy when the ghost mannequin effect is using. Remember, for effective sales, and you need images that bring life to your products. 

The “ghost Mannequin” is a simple post-production formula for garments and accessories photography that grasp the display problem, also known as “Hollow man” or “3D mannequin” or “Invisible mannequin.” It allows you to take multiple images of your product on a single model and then combine them in post-production by removing the model. The image will then look like life, and the audience can focus on the product rather than the model.   

When to use ghost mannequin in the photo

Now you may curious to know does it is necessary all the time or not. Not always we will use this technique to grab the audience. But for some reason, we will use it and also sometimes, and we will evade it. 

When you will use ghost mannequin photography

  • First, when you need to insert life, consistency, and dimensions to your product’s images, particularly for garments and accessories.
  • Then if you need to cut the cost for life models, you can use it. 
  • If you need to show the back and front side of your product’s clothes or 3600 views, you can use it.
  • When you want to show the inside tag of the attire besides the brand and logo of the products.

When you will not use ghost mannequin photography

  • If you want to show the images with real models, you won’t use this technique.
  • If live models can cover your websites or digital marketing better than ghost Photoshop stop using this technique. 

In general, it is wise to use the combination of ghost clothing and live models. Ghost photography can bring consistency, but live models can bring on life and reliability to the website’s leading products or the catalog for online business. 

How to create a ghost mannequin effect

Now the essential query is how you can create a ghost mannequin effect. You need to follow some steps in this regard. If you follow the below steps, you can get the best mannequin for your product image.

Step 1:  Choosing and posing the mannequin

First, you have to choose a live model or a mannequin for the ghost mannequin effect from different angles. You need to capture several photos of your product. Which type of mannequin you need with or without body parts depend on your requirements. But you can use all those images in your photo gallery besides your 3D images. 

Step 2: Setup the necessary types of equipment

Implement your hollow effect; you need to set up the studio for high-quality photographs. Camera, lighting, and all other photography techniques and pieces of equipment all play a vital role equally in this regard. So don’t lower the quality of the studio unless you want less appeal for your online products.

Step 3: Photo shot the Products

Photographing either too high or too low angle may cause the garments’ look taper and inaccurate. I want to put an example here to clarify how to capture the photo for the 3D image.

Suppose you want to shot on a shirt. So first, you will take a photo of the shirts’ front and back view that your model or mannequin must wear. Then hang that shirt on a white foam board and again shot the front and back view. This foam board will help combine the images that allow you to include the garments’ inner areas.

Here it would be best if you remembered something. During shooting, you must use a telephoto zoom lens to minimize deformation and provide the flexibility to move closer to the smaller objects and farther away from larger objects. 

For collared garments like shirts, blazers, jeans, jackets, etc., make sure the top must be open and the inner back is visible. You may turn it inside out in some cases. Remember, during photography, do not position the camera below chest height but always position directly towards the chest level area and for the bottoms from the hp area.

Finally, it would be best if you had a large studio for the shooting to put your cameras, tripod, mannequin, and other necessary pieces of equipment besides your products and scenery.

Step 4: Post-production procedure

Creating a ghost mannequin effect is simple after completing your shooting. It would be best if you had Adobe Photoshop software and explicit photos of your products. Then follow the below rules for the post-production procedure and get the final ghost mannequin effect: 

Open images in Photoshop: First, you will open the photos that you took on the model and foam board in Photoshop software. Then form your new background layer and choose a mannequin image. Fill that layer with white. It will serve you with a broad background and help you label your layers to tell them separately and remain structured. 

Ghost Mannequin Effect


Use selection tool: Now, Use a Selection Tool to Select the Product in the Mannequin Image. Quick selection; lasso or magic wand etc. selection tool choose and zoom in tight to accomplish your desired selection. Here you need to note down that using white background helps you remove the dummy easily with the color separation between the product and the background. 

Filter and Place Mask: Now, after selecting the full product and removing all backgrounds, you will filter it to make the image pleasant and farm. You can use the “Refined Edge” tool from the “Select” menu; Click “Ok” in the dialogue box of Refined Edge and place a mask on the image layer to finish it. If necessary, you can filter it again to make it more superior and clean.  

Clean and Repeat Previous rules with the Foam Board Image: To create a new layer and mask and refine that mask; at this point, you will again repeat the first three rules and switch the gear. Maybe it will confuse you, but this rule will allow you to show the product’s inside back and complete the mannequin delusion. 

Merge the Images: Now time to merge the images to create the ghost mannequin. Foam board images and mannequin images when both contain the tight and clean masks; drag the masks from the foam board images over to the images of your ghost mannequin product images. Here, organize the layer to lower the foam board images than the mannequin images and adjust the foam boar images’ position to fit behind the mannequin layer easily.       Remove Pointless Parts of the Foam Board Layer: At this point, you will remove the unneeded parts from your foam board images and hide your mannequin layer because it is already in place in the mannequin shot. After accomplishing all these tasks, crosscheck if nothing is left out of alignment and layers are clean and friendly, especially in the neck and shoulder area.    

Insert Shadows and Save: To give the product some depths, lastly, add a shadow between the two layers and, for safety, save a copy with all the layers of the intact Photoshop file. Then save the combined copy again in another different file. This final step will provide your photo more professional and realistic.  

If you have done all the steps correctly, you could get stunning and unique 3D effects that appeal to your desired audience. 

Ghost Mannequin Effect

How the ghost mannequin effect photography works

3D ghost mannequin effect is one of the most cost-effective and best possible ways to display your clothing products to online customers. It will improve your product shooting and help to increase sales for your online store.  

The hollow effect helps your product hold its shape, making them more specialized and reliable and increasing the customers’ interest.

It has some benefits: It is cost-effective; attracts more customers rather than the model or background; helps to visualize the product after wearing it; less editing time, etc.   

One of this ghost photo maker’s critical functions is that it can create a standardized look for all the clothing products on an e-commerce site. 

This ghost photo maker technique helps to create brand identifies for the garment business. It helps to attract more customers towards the products depending on their preferences and creating brand loyalty. 


Do you ever check giant online business sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Zara, etc.? Musa asked me. He then told me if you ever survey their pages. You will notice that all the gigantic online e-commerce business enterprises are also using this technique on their garments’ product images while attracting more customers. He told all these when I disagree with using ghost clothing because of my lacking knowledge. Gradually, I started to follow his instruction, and now I am grateful to my friend for giving me the right guidance during my pitiable point. 

It would help if you remembered that e-commerce success mostly depends on the product images’ excellent quality. It mu be sharp, consistent, dust-free, smooth, and shadowless. Low-quality images cannot grab the right market and can ruin your online business. So, whenever using this ghost mannequin, put extra caution in this regard.  

I know many people want to start their own online businesses. But they have no proper guidance on how to display their product images with minimal cost. This article is for those newbies who are interested in building their careers as e-commerce entrepreneurs.


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