Tips to Consider When Hiring Professional Photo Editing Services for Product Photographers

Tips to Consider When Hiring Professional Photo Editing Services for Product Photographers

Individuals and businesses need to put images in business cards, catalogs and other advertising platforms. The images on these advertising platforms help in capturing the attention of customers and playing an important role in modern marketing. The image quality on advertising supplies is an important factor that will help determine the success of campaigns.

You are aware of the benefits that come with outsourcing photo editing services such as help meet the aggressive deadlines, time to concentrate in developing your business and cost savings. Whether you are a prolific commercial photographer or planning to grow your business, the process of choosing a photo editing service provider can be tiresome.

Separating the fly by night companies from high quality firms can be difficult at first. Below are important tips that will ensure you hire a reputable service that will produce the best possible results.

Know the Photo Editing Services You Will Need

Not all the professional photo editing service providers will offer you with a full gamut for your editing needs. There are companies which will only do which background services for ecommerce industry. Others will offer a wide range of services ranging from vector conversion to clipping path. In case you are not sure of the services you need, you can always share or ask for examples.

Most of the developing online retailers will always know that your needs will be changing as you grow. In case there is a high growth going on in your business or have a growth goal for your business, your photo editing services needs will have to change at some point. For instance, although you are only selling on your store now, you will want to venture into other channels in the near future.

Check if they have enough Experience

One can never acquire photo editing skills and experience overnight. One can never get the skills by just watching photo editing videos online or attending workshops. Experience is the only way of getting all the right skills. It is important that you only go for a photo editing service that has experience in the industry since only companies with the right experience are capable of catering for your image manipulation needs.

Getting a photo editing service that is specific to your niche is not enough, instead they should have samples and experience in the right industry.


There are photo editing services are in a better position to handle a variety of order sizes while some have maximum or minimum orders. In case you are planning to scale your business in future, your photo editing needs will most likely grow down the line. It is therefore important that you can continue using as your business and scope grows. In case a service or information you are looking for in a particular company is not available on their website, it is advisable that you ask since there are companies that have exemptions and policies that prevents them from making public some details and you can only learn of them when you ask.

Service Quality

The number of businesses and organizations adopting online advertising methods is on the rise. It is therefore important that you get a company that uses techniques capable of turning your process and ideas into reality with perfection and efficiency. Building good reputation is an important tool for any business in online market. Although there is high competition in this field, using right strategies will help you get a company that will offer you the best and quality service.

The photo editing company you choose should be in a position to offer service of great quality. They should be in a position to handle all the editing projects and needs. This means they should understand all methods and techniques that they will use in editing different images.

Support Availability and Turnaround time

In case aggressive deadlines will be part of your requirements, you will need to get a firm that is capable of meeting your tight deadlines. These can also mean 24/7 availability. In case you are in need of a service on 24/7 hour basis, you will have to check if the company will be in a position to offer the service as you need. Most of the photo editing services with clients all around the world do run on a 24/7 basis.


It is important that any company you are considering to hire has a secure means of uploading and downloading images either by FTP site or cloud. Check if the company has all the right ISO certifications. You can always request the company to send you their documentations and other benchmarks and contact registrar to confirm.

You also need to determine if the work will need a non disclosure agreement. In case you are using sensitive pictures or images or working with personal details, you will need some form of protection. Having a non disclosure agreement will ensure the service keeps your critical information and images secure.


Cost is always an important consideration when it comes to hiring a professional photo editing service for product photographers. Take your time and shop around to compare prices of different companies. However, you need to remember that it is not all about the price tag. The other considerations are also important.

In case you do not have a budget, you will have to set one. This will depend on:

  • The number of variables
  • How frequently you will need to edit images
  • The number of images you will want to edit at a time
  • Editing techniques
  • Types of services you will need
  • The current workload

Payment Methods

It is important that you check on the payment methods the photo editing service accepts especially if you are dealing with overseas companies. Know who they handle invoices and how you will be submitting the invoices. Also check any fees that you will have to pay when doing international transfers. No one would want to encounter financial surprises that will hold up the process.

You also need to make sure that no red flags are available. Never let any person deposit to a proxy account. Any legitimate photo editing company will never request you to make any payment for them to set up and account. Always go for services that have reputable methods of payments with in-built buyer protection.


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