Red Eye/Pet Eye Removal in Photoshop CC

Red Eye/Pet Eye Removal in Photoshop CC

Red Eye/Pet Eye Removal in Photoshop CC

There are several things which can render a photo useless. For instance, blurriness, too light, too dark, graininess and red eye are some of the most popular things which can render your photo useless. One of the worst is definitely the red eye. There are people who flip through blurry images without thinking twice. It is difficult to find someone ignore or fail to see someone in a photo with red eyes. Red eye is what other people refer to use the photo killer.

However, it is not the most difficult thing to fix in the photography industry. There is an intuitive feature in Adobe Camera which is capable of guiding one through the entire process of converting pupils black again.

Inside the red eye removal, there is a panel selection capable of fixing pet eye. You are definitely aware of the glowing eyes of your cat or dog have when you use flash to take photo. For sure cats or dogs do not know if they should or should not stare at the camera. In this article, we will go through the entire process of removing a red eye from a photograph portrait.

Causes of Red Eye

Red eye happens whenever one uses the camera flash in a poorly lit environment such as outdoors at night, inside a dark room or at a night club. In a dark room, people’s pupils will always open wide in order to allow enough light. When using a flash, the light will travel through the dilated pupil, bounce off the back of their eyes before being sent the way it came.

In case your camera’s flash is close to the lens as the case with most of the DSLRs and compacts with built in flash, most of the light will end up at the back of the lens and will be available in the final picture. This will give the impression that is shinning out of an individual’s eyes in an eerie manner. The red blood is always from the blood tissues found at the back of the eye.

Preventing the Red Eyes in Photos

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some of the ways you can always use to help reduce the chances of red eyes in your photos.

  • Turning off Flash: It is the most effective ways to help prevent the red eye. You should always try to adjust the settings of your camera such as ISO speed, shutter speed and aperture to ensure you are in a position of disabling the flash.
  • Turn on More Lights: One of the most prominent effects whenever an individuals or pet eyes are wide open is the red eye. In case you are taking photos indoors, you will have to turn on more lights in order to make the room brighter which will force pupils to shrink.
  • Make use of the External Flash: Instead of using the in-built camera flash, you can opt for the external flash which should be held far away from the lens. This will less likely to cause red eye since they light that will come off from the retina will not be sent towards the lens.
  • Bounce the Flash: There are some camera flashes which you can always rotate. Aim the flash towards any wall or ceiling with color to enable lights to get to your eyes from different angles.
  • Soften the Flash: Flash units do produce harsh and strong lights. Try softening this by placing some of tissue papers at the front diffuser. This will help reduce the red eye and produce less harsh and pleasing light.
  • Use Mode for red eye reduction: There are cameras that have in built red eye reduction flash settings. It will always fire the flash twice, the first one to make pupils contract while the second flash captures the photo.
  • Request People to Look Away: The red eye effect only takes place when individuals look differently at the camera. You can try to take photos from a slight angle as they look away from the camera.

Removing the Red Eye

It does not matter how careful you follow the advice on preventing red eyes, there are times when you will still have it in your pictures. It is a common problem which has made top professionals who develop photo editing software to come up with tools that can help remove red eye instantly. In this article we will look at how you can remove red eye in Photoshop cc.

Load the Photo you want to correct in Photoshop. For instance, I will be using the photo below.


You can see that the two individuals in the photo have red eye due to the dark room and also due to the fact that they are looking at the camera directly.

Choose the Red Eye tool which is found in the tools panel.


Zoom in on the first eye you want to correct. Select the red eye tool cross hair on the red part of the eye. It will take some few seconds before the pupil turns from red to black.



In case the eye is too small for you to accurately click on, you have an option of clicking and dragging using the tool to draw a box around it. Photoshop will try finding the pupil and correct its color immediately you release the mouse.

However, there are times when Photoshop does not get things right. Some of the common issues you will encounter include, the black bleeding on the rest of the skin or eye or the red being on the left. In case this takes place, you will have to undo the changes and modify the “Darken Amount” and “pupil size” and redo the process again.

Repeat the procedure for the other eye and ensure it is properly done before you move to the next eye. This will only take you a few seconds and you will be able to make a big difference on your photo.


The red eye effect should never cause you any problem in photography. You should also be in a position to either reduce or avoid it since you now know its causes and just in case it happens, you will be able to deal with it effectively.


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