Drop Shadow and Add Shadow To Image

Is your image glancing like a piece of pasteboard despite being a beautiful landscape, a stunning portrait or a cheery spectacle? Do you feel that your product images or modelling portfolio is  indifferent life? Do you feel like your photo is annoying but can’t exactly determine where to start improving it?


Well, perhaps you might want to consider if your photo contains a sense of depth to ensure that each object seem like to pop out of the image. But how can you add depth into your images? Well, one of the best tricks is to ensure that there are appropriate photoshop drop shadow.


Whether you need a photo for the product you’re selling or a portrait of your model, photoshop shadow have a way of providing an illusion that your images are popping out. It’s just like drawing in pencil. When you want to plum up 2D flat drawings, you add photoshop drop shadow on appropriate parts of the objects. Is your photo lacking in depth? Perhaps a little editing with drop and/or reflection photoshop drop shadow is a must.

drop shadow


Add Shadow and Reflection Shadow in Images

As the old saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words.” But what are flat images without immense depth? Having said that, it is safe to assume that shades give photos a new look, making them look alive and more realistic. In photography, beautiful shades can only be attained with the use of natural filters, lighting, and of course, the camera.

With these three, you can defy the odds and create magic like capturing a scene that is bright on one side and darker on the other. Though you can produce great photos with such tools, it helps if you have a better understanding about drop shadow photoshop and reflection shadow. So what are these?

Add Shadow to Image


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Drop Shadow and Original Shadow Effect

In this digital era, drop shadow photoshop play a very vital role. They do not just give an authentic look to a photo. They also create a fresher and more natural look on images. Today, there are two types of shadows that are very popular among light and shadow photographers. These are the drop shadow and the reflection shadow.


  • Photoshop add shadow. A drop shadow is a type of shadow that is often seen right next to an object. In a realistic scene, a drop shadow is created by a light source – sun, bulbs, flashlight, flame, and others. In photography, drop shadow photoshop can be added to objects to give it more depth. By adding this, an image will look deeper and more real. In layman’s term, it will appear like a 3-D object than 2-D.



  • Reflection Shadow. If your goal is to present an item on a surface, a reflection shadow is the best type for you. This type of shadow in photography creates an illusion of reflecting whatever is presented on top of a surface. In case you are wondering when a reflection shadow is best applied, the answer is simple. It is most useful in situations wherein the need to give emphasis to an image is considered essential like showcasing products on an e-commerce web site.

Apart from giving more depth to an image or creating a 3-dimensional effect, drop shadow and reflection shadow have plenty other uses.

    • Text Shadow. Drop shadow might be very popular for images. But then again, it is not just reserved for such purpose. By adding shadows to a piece of text that is blending with the background, it becomes more visible to the eyes.


    • Human Shadow. As always, drop shadow enhances an image, making it look alive. Hence, when drop shadow is added to a portrait of human, it appears even more natural and real.


  • Add shadow in photoshop. If you want images that could grab attention than the typical ones, reflection shadow is the perfect option for you. This is very useful in product catalogs, magazines, newspapers, product photography, as well as in e-commerce industries.

Drop Shadow

Original Shadow

Drop Shadow Images Benefit Entrepreneurs & Businesses

As mentioned, shadow application offers lots of perks to a wide market. However, entrepreneurs and other business-minded individuals are those that benefit the most. Why is that? Simple.

Given the tight competition among businesses, every owner must try different ways to stand out among the rest. They can’t just sit in front of their computers and exchange emails with customers. They can’t just wait for potential buyers to come and visit them in their office to see what they have to offer. Of course, they have to move and do something.

Regardless whether they start a website, create newsletters, distribute flyers, print out catalogs, advertise in billboards, or take advantage of the newspapers, they will definitely use photos. With a realistic and compelling photo, it’ll be easier to get the attention of potential leads to later convert them into customers.

Moreover, in this modern world, people tend to skip those long articles and focus only on what photos have to say. They don’t need those flowery words to convince them to buy a product or to avail a service. All they need are photos that say it all. Therefore, with realistic images that have shadows and all, connecting with a target market becomes faster and easier.

Creating Drop Shadow Effects

What seemed impossible before is now made possible. All thanks to technology. Long ago, it was hard to add drop shadow in photoshop effects as it requires skill and thorough understanding about the subject matter. But now, it has greatly changed. Here are some software and websites that allow you to add drop shadow effects on images:

  • Photoshop – Every photo editing enthusiast is definitely familiar with this software. With Photoshop, you can play around with various tools and features. But then again, it might take some time to familiarize everything.
  • com – Lunapic is an online photo editing software that allows you to enhance images like adding drop shadows to it. Although it is very easy to use, the features are only limited.
  • net – DropShadowz.net is also an online tool that lets you add shadow photoshop effects on images. Like Lunapic, it is easy to use, but you only get to use a couple of features.


Reflection Shadow & Effect

Reflection Shadow & Effect

Creating Drop Shadows by Yourself

With the aid of online tools, you can easily create drop shadows by yourself. Unless you are willing to learn the basics of Photoshop, then you can start reading now. If you are desperate in creating that shadow effect on an existing photo, you can go to lunapic.com.


Upon entering this website, you are presented with two options, either you upload the image directly or open its URL by providing it in the space provided. From there, you are on your own. You can add or create shadows as you desire.

Only Trust Professionals in Creating Drop Shadow Effects for Premium Images:

There are plenty of reasons to trust professionals in doing the job of creating drop shadow effects in photos. Not only are they competent enough in delivering and processing large projects; they also ensure your satisfaction without having to sacrifice quality and the turnaround time.


At a very reasonable price, you can definitely enjoy secured and satisfactory services without having to miss a deadline.

Is your image looking like a piece of cardboard despite being a beautiful landscape, a stunning portrait or a cheerful scene? Do you feel that your product images or modeling portfolio is lacking life? Do you feel like your photo is boring but can’t exactly determine where to start improving it?