Ghost mannequin effect or ghost picture editor service needs to remove dummy/doll or liquify your garments product and neck joint from 2/3 parts of clothing. We provide quality clothing mannequin removal service or ghost removal service at an affordable price.

But even if mannequins are distracting at times, this does not mean you no longer have a choice. Of course, there is something else you can do. One of the best alternatives available for you is using ghost edits.

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Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Editing

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Also known as neck adding service, the ghost mannequins effect is a creative and unique technique applied on photo mannequins of garments. Though it is a relatively new way of displaying clothes on a website or a catalog, this is still opted by many businesses in the fashion industry to feature their products, such as jackets, shirts, jeans, blazers, jackets, and shirts.

With this technique, customers will have a better idea of what they would look like when wearing a certain garment. In order to retain consistency across websites, many retailers and brands prefer to take photos of the mannequin transform of their apparel using the ghost mannequin technique. However, for this effect to be properly achieved, certain things are needed picture below.

ghost mannequin service
ghost mannequin service

Ghost Mannequin Effect – Benefit Businesses

A ghost photo maker is very important to attract more consumers, especially if you are in the apparel business. Along with high-quality product photography, the presentation of products using an invisible ghost mannequin model would highlight the features when worn rather than for buyers to imagine how it would fit them or how it looks like when worn. For a lot of customers, ghost image maker or branding is very important – that is where clothing photography techniques come in handy. This will actually make or break any business venture.

One of the easiest ways to take photos of garments is by using models or manikin quotes. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the most effective method in showcasing the unique fit of a clothing product.

With that, retailers still photograph their products by utilizing shirt mannequins or models. Still, in the later part, they modify them using a photo editing software of their choice. For the apparel industry, excellent photo manipulation services are obviously necessary. This is because the quality of the apparel depicted in the photos may determine whether or not a customer will buy the products.

Ghost Mannequin Effect & Modular Mannequin

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A ghost mannequin for sale can be any modular mannequin, as long as individual garment pieces can be removed easily. This can also be a living model.

Studio Lighting: To ensure consistency among contrast, shadows, and exposure, a steady source of cool LED lamps are recommended.

Camera: To perform ghost mannequin editing, there is no specific type of camera needed. However, a Canon EOS 5D Mk III is considered the industry standard for a professional product photography image manipulation service.

Garments: Garments can take any form – blazers, dresses, coats, jeans, jackets, and even the simplest shirts.


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TShirt Photography Ghost Mannequin Edit


Identifying the best technique in displaying clothing might be very challenging for brands and retailers. That is why they always try different ways to make their products more appealing to buyers. Below are some that are proven to generate excellent results.


Among all t-shirt photography techniques, the easiest and most common technique is shooting clothes flat. To perform such, companies work with professional photo clothing stylists, who spend numerous hours checking each and every detail of the apparel. L.L. Bean and GAP kids are just among those labels that used and have produced excellent flat ghost photo effects in photo of their products on their online stores.


In this technique, lots of factors should be taken into account. Even so, it also yields great results, just like the flat t-shirt photography technique.

Technically, when using this method, shooting clothes is done from above, though there are limitations as to how to take pictures of clothes without mannequin high the camera must be raised. Hence, if the clothes are too large and the camera is positioned low enough, the edges might end up being cropped. For example, to be able to successfully take photos of a dress, one has to elevate the camera to a height of at least 6 inches.

Define mannequins or Model:

For the define mannequins or model t-shirt photography technique, large lights are required, especially if fully body shots will be taken. Other than that, very huge soft boxes or umbrellas will also be needed. These are both necessary to create a more enticing and striking image.


Invisible Mannequin Effect

Even if you are a newbie, you can still achieve the ghost mannequin effect. Here’s how:

1. Picking a neck mannequin.

Before anything else, you must prepare everything for the shoot. You must first find a good-quality mannequin goast clothing to have a consistent set of photos.

2. Set up a studio.

If possible, use a white backdrop in your set up. This will give you the assurance that the colors of the clothes are not overly exposed. White color reflects light back onto the photo, keeping the white balance calibration of your camera accurate. Later on, it will be easier for you to get rid of the mannequin background in Photoshop.

3. Take photos.

Take photos of the garment in every angle possible and make sure you include the front side, the part that gives a clear view of the tag area, as well as the rear side.

Open your image in Photoshop .

Create a new background layer and fill that with pure white to make your image pop. This also helps you make a clean background for putting in labels on your layers.

Separate the product from the background.

This is made easy with the “Selection” tools whether it’s the “Magic Wand” or “Lasso” tool.

Place the mask.

With the layers of the garment selected, refine the mask to ensure that it is tight. You can delete the entire background and mannequin with the use of the “Refine Edge” tool when you go to the “Select” tab. Then click on “OK” under the “Refine Edge” tab. The clothing would be floating freely and pops out on a white background.

Repeat the steps with the reverse side of the garment.

This is important to create the illusion of an invisible model. Create a new layer, select the product, and then proceed to refine the mask.

Combine the two images.

Clean up your masks and combine the mannequin images. Adjust the positioning to make sure that it is in perfect symmetry and is well-proportionate behind the layers.

Add the shadow.

Add the shadow right in between the two layers so that you get to create product depth – this also creates the illusion of an invisible mannequin that will show off the curves and length.

Be sure to save your design.

Save a copy of your Photoshop image together with all of its original layers. And save another copy with all the layers merged together into a universal image file e.g. PNG, JPG, IMG

Keep in mind though that if you want to have professionally edited product images, it’s best to hire experts on invisible mannequin photo effects.

Hire Ghost Mannequin Effect Expert
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Small retailers don’t have all the time to alter the images themselves. Also, the task of removing the mannequins or models in the photos might be very difficult for amateurs to perform. Well, there is nothing to fret. By hiring professional services to apply ghost fashion mannequin effects, the images

will be ready within 24 hours or less with an assurance of quality and cost-efficiency. As a result, photos of products will look more unique and enticing, bringing any online store to a professional level and reaching a wider market.

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